Intuo requires a "strong" password to be able to register with the platform. Strong means: 

  • Minimum 8 characters
  • Mix of upper and lowercase characters
  • At least 1 digit
  • At least 1 special character (such as: !?-_@ ...)

Important: we also expect a minimum level of complexity! It's possible that even after following above conditions, your password can still get rejected!
For example: P@ssword1 will not be accepted!

Pro tip:

A good password doesn't rely on actual words or a combination of words. The best passwords are a random collection of numbers, lower and uppercase characters and special characters, but how do you memorise that?

The best way is to use a mnemonic. For example: thinking of a easily memorisable sentence and using the first letter of each word for your password.

For example: "Intuo is the number one tool for Talent Management!" This could become a great password, like this: Iitn1tfTM!  .

It fits all the above requirements and is impossible to guess!