To make the most out of our Office365 integration on our Learn module, it's important to have the proper permissions set up. If your users are telling you that they are prompted to log in before they can see the document, it's a sign that your document is not truly public.

The process can be quite complicated and will involve admin rights on both your Microsoft 365 account as your SharePoint account. Luckily we're here to guide you through it!

First, go to the admin center. You can do that by clicking the tiles in the top left corner and selecting 'Admin'.

This will bring you to the Microsoft 365 admin center. Open the navigation on the left and scroll all the way down until you find 'Admin Centers'. Unfold and select SharePoint.

This will open a new tab with your SharePoint settings. First select the option 'Sharing' in the navigation on the left. Choose the options: Allow sharing to authenticated external users and using anonymous access links for the first setting, Anonymous Access - anyone with the link as the default link type and View as the default link permission.

Go back to the previous page and select 'Site Collections' in the navigation on the left. There you will see a list of sites you can share files from. Choose the site you'll be using and click 'Sharing'.

In the window that opens, choose the last option: Allow sharing with all external users, and by using anonymous access links. Then save.

Then go back to the Microsoft 365 admin center. In the navigation, choose Settings and then 'Security & privacy'.

There, you'll see a box named Sharing, click 'Edit'

In the new box that appears, select 'Site settings'

In the box 'External sharing' select: Anyone, including anonymous users and select the number of days the link should be available.

Wait between 5 min to 1 hour for the settings to propagate. Sign out and in again and now you can share your site.


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