Sending praise or feedback to one of your co-workers is really easy. In the main menu, underneath your profile picture, you can click on the big "Feedback" button. A pop-up window will show you options to 'praise someone', 'give feedback', 'request feedback' or 'add a new note' about someone (depending on your platform's configuration).

This video will give a short explanation on how to give feedback to someone via the web application and via our mobile app. Below the video are more in-depth explanations and references to other articles to help you get started!


Sending praise

Whether you want to show someone some love for doing a great job, or simply for being such a great co-worker, sending praise is easy, straightforward and effective.

Choose the Praise someone option from the main feedback window and select the person or team you want to send some recognition to. You can send the praise to multiple people at once, or multiple teams at once, but not a mix of people and teams.

You can choose one of your organisation's core values you believe that person embodied with their actions. If you'd rather praise someone for one of their skills, or for their progress on one of their objectives, you can add those on the right side too.

Be mindful of the selected visibility level! There's a default value already selected in the bottom left, which might not be the most appropriate level for your specific praise. 

Different options available to you when writing a praise

Make sure to go over the visibilities levels before sending your praise.

Sending feedback

Maybe you want to follow-up on something you've worked on together, or you want to give them some constructive feedback, to improve their work. All of this can be achieved by sending them feedback.

Sending feedback works similar to sending praise. Search for the person or team in the search bar and leave your feedback in the text area below. Let that person/team know what they did well, what they could do better, and so on...

Because feedback is often highly personal, make sure to double check your selected visibility level!