For each template you can make pushes to complete the Snapshot. It is also possible to schedule the push in the future.

When you are on the Pushes tab, you see all the active pushes by default. You can adjust the filter on the right side. Click on New push in the top right corner to create a new push.

Configure the snapshot push

Complete the following steps in the configuration window:

  • Select the snapshot template you want to push. The template determines which questions are asked and who can see the results. 
  • Give your push a name
  • Select a starting date. If the date is today, you can only use a fixed user assignment list. That means you'll have to manually select all users. If the date is in the future, you can use a dynamic user list.
  • Select a deadline. This is a soft deadline! Snapshots can still be filled in after this date until you close the push. This date will be used to send reminders to the users that haven't filled in their snapshots shortly before the deadline.
  • Select the recipients. These are the type of users that will have to fill in the snapshots of this push. 

Finally, click on the Assign Users button. In the next step you'll have to select the subjects of the snapshot push.

Assign users to the snapshot push

These users will be the subjects of the snapshots.


If you selected direct team leaders as the recipients in the previous step, then the team leaders of Jodie, Lorenzo, Latanya and Wilbert will have to fill in the snapshot about these users. 

When you’ve completed the selection process, click on the Assign X users button.

What happens after you assign users to a push?

Once you've assigned users to the push, you'll be redirected to the assigned users table. This is part of the detail view of the push (see section below).

The configuration of the snapshot push is done now. When the push's start day comes, the snapshots will be created in the morning and users will be notified that they have to fill one in. If you selected today as the push's start day, they will be created immediately.

Snapshot Push details page

Once you have an active snapshot push, the Pushes tab will look similar to this:

If you click on the name of the push, you'll go to the details page of the push. It has several tabs.


This tab shows an overview of the users that have been assigned to the push. 

Remember: These are the subjects of the push, NOT the users that have to fill it in!

You can see how many people have to fill in a snapshot about a user and their progress in the "Snapshot done" column.

It's possible to remove a user from the push by clicking the options in the rightmost column and click Unassign.


This tab shows who filled in a snapshot about whom. 

If someone made a mistake in their snapshot, you can reopen the snapshot by clicking on the options in the rightmost column and click Reopen snapshot.


This tab shows an overview of the settings you've selected for this push. 

You can close the push at the bottom of the page. After a push is closed, users will now longer be able to fill in their assigned snapshots.