On the Studio > Snapshots > Templates tab page you can create snapshot templates that can be used in snapshot pushes with the goal of obtaining information about your company's employees.

Creating a new snapshot template

To create a new template, click on the New Template button in the top right corner.

Complete the following steps in the configuration window:

  • Give the snapshot template a name
  • Providing a description is optional. This is just to help you remember what the template was created for.
  • Add questions to the template. You can either choose existing questions from the library or create new ones.
  • Decide who will be able to see the snapshot results.

After choosing and/or creating some new questions, can also change the order of the questions or remove them again.

Once you're happy with the configuration of the template, click Create in the bottom right corner.

In the last screen you can decide if you want to have the template already active or not. Click Done and your template will appear in the list.