Who can you have a conversation with?

You can only have a conversation with someone from your team.

For a user, this means they can only have a conversation with their direct team leader.

If coaching is enabled on your platform, a coach can have a conversation with their coachee.

The overview

In the overview you'll see the people ordered by relation. They can either be your team leader, team member, coach or coachee.

  1. date of a planned conversation
  2. name of the conversation template
  3. view the preparation you made for that conversation
  4. prepare a conversation
  5. view the preparation that was submitted by your team member
  6. start conversation (this is known as the 'talk' phase of a conversation)
  7. date of last conversation
  8. options menu
  9. plan a new conversation


If you want to look back at your previous conversations, you can do so by navigating to the History tab of the overview. Here you can see all past conversations you've conducted. You can also take an export to a CSV file (top right corner).

Revisit old conversations

By clicking on one of your past conversations, a new window will open that shows you all the information that was written down. 

Available actions for finished conversations

You have several options available to you for finished conversations:


Within 3 days you can reopen a conversation to make adjustments if you wish to. After three days this option will disappear. If you still want the conversation reopened, you have to contact an admin of your platform.

Change date

A Team leader can change the date of a conversation they held with their team member.

For more info, see this article.

Export conversation

Do a detailed and customisable export of a conversation to pdf format. You can find more info in this article.


An admin or a team leader can delete a conversation if necessary. A team member can never delete a conversation. 

Part 1: Overview and History tab

Part 2: How to plan a conversation

Part 3: How to prepare a conversation

Part 4: How to conduct the conversation