To learn the basics of what a snapshot is and how to fill it in, read this article


By default a snapshot is only visible for teamleaders and admins. But there is one exception, if the snapshot needs to be filled in during a conversation. This is defined by HR.


You will receive the following email that you need to plan a conversation: 

If you click on Plan conversation now, you will be redirected to the conversation overview. You will see all conversations you need to plan and you also see when the deadline is. (Next to the name of the push you see a Target icon that indicates that a snapshot will need to be filled in during the conversation).

Click on Plan to select the date of the conversation. After you have prepared the conversation and clicked on Talk you see on the right the flow of the conversation. Depending on the settings of the conversation you will see: Discussion, Feedback, Objectives, Engagement, Courses, Summary and Snapshots. 

You won't be able to finish the conversation until you have filled in the Snapshot. You can do this by clicking on Snapshots and fill in the questions on the left.

Once you have filled in all questions, you get an overview of the scores/answers/comments you wrote. Be aware, these results are also visible for the employee.

Now you can finish the conversation by clicking on Finish conversation. The conversation and the snapshots are saved.